April 16, 2020 | News & Updates

Activity Notice|The online United Nations Talks will be held on April 23rd

Activity Notice|The online United Nations Talks will be held on April 23rd

Do you want to discuss international issues from the perspective of national representatives? The Wuhan, Pinghu, Ningbo, and Shanghai campuses of KnowledgeLink will jointly hold a classic student activity – United Nations Talks!

A total of 15 students from 4 campuses of Wuhan campus, Ningbo campus, Pinghu campus and Shanghai campus participated in this United Nations Talks activity. They will be divided into 5 groups of 5 permanent members representing the UN Security Council: China, the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Russia.

After the team formation, we also conducted some interviews with our students to listen to their feelings.

Michael from the Wuhan campus said: “What I am most looking forward to at this activity is to be able to play the role of a national leader with my classmates. We can make our own decisions, to debate and negotiate with other countries (classmates). I expect everyone participating in this activity can have their own unique views.” Renee from the Shanghai campus believes that this activity will allow them to meet many new friends from different campuses.

Although everyone is participating in the online debate for the first time, some students said that they were not nervous at all, while others were worried. At the same time, they also said that although they were a little nervous, they looked forward to the debate and communication with other students.

What is more unique about this online United Nations Talks is that the audience will play as members of the United Nations General Assembly and vote for the final winning group through Zoom .

At 18:00 on the evening of April 23rd, the online United Nations Talks starts! Everyone is welcome to watch on time!