Gaining acceptance to highly selective US colleges and universities remains a goal of our ambitious international high school students. Thanks to our innovative college counseling approach, we are helping them foster their true identities, and guiding them through the process of finding their best-fit college.

A Progressive Approach

Our team of college counselors is committed to offering a unique style of one-on-one counseling to each of our international students across our entire network of KL Schools. By giving priority to extracurricular activities that complement our rigorous academics, such as sports, arts, and community service, we give our students the space to foster their passions, and help them identify their whole selves. It’s a progressive approach – one that benefits not just our students’ college applications but their overall lifestyle and well-being as well.

With college campus tours a part of every KL Exchange program, and KL College Fairs that bring US institutions directly to our branch campuses, our students have many opportunities to familiarize themselves with a variety of higher education options. Rather than just applying to the Top 20 schools from a rankings website, KL students can reflect on their personal interests and tendencies, and identify schools where they will thrive, regardless of the schools’ national ranks.

Benefits for Colleges & Universities

At KL, we are cultivating global citizens and exceptional outcomes. Exposure to US curriculum, culture, and independence helps our graduating seniors to succeed academically, socially, and professionally at their chosen institution. As a result of the high standards of KL Schools and the effective preparation of our students, we can proudly say that over 98% of our 2019 graduates are accepted to colleges in the US, with many of them going to Top 50 schools.

Browse our KL Branch Campuses and you’ll get a sense of both the ambitious academics and the exceptional students that make up our network of schools.

Interested in joining us in China for our next KL College Fair? View our KL College Fair Fall 2019 Invitation and reach out to Beilei Zhang today.