Our convenient online learning programs give our students the opportunity to access a customized learning experience anytime and from anywhere. With our extensive catalog of interactive and collaborative courses emphasizing critical thinking and diverse perspectives, we are transforming international education through technology.

Innovative Modular Learning Styles

KL Online offers K-12 curriculum in an innovative blend of interactive, collaborative, and modular learning styles. Taught by trained and certified educators, our hybrid curriculum utilizes modern methods of engagement such as integrated videos, multimedia presentations, and content-rich web links to better fit the unique and diverse learning needs of each student. We not only tap into the collaborative benefits of a real classroom, we improve on it, with features such as:

  • Zoom Room: online meeting rooms that allows you to interact with up to 30 classmates at a time by raising your hand, sharing your screen, writing on a virtual white board, or breaking into smaller discussion groups.
  • ESL Learning Tools: interactive vocabulary tools that allow ESL students to develop their content specific language skills, and better prepare for classroom discussions, test taking, and real world application.
  • Interactive Calendar: intuitive scheduler that tracks due dates and sends alerts, ensuring students never miss a deliverable or a deadline.
  • Support Services: private messaging and collaborative discussion boards means educators and classmates are just a click away


Whether it be one class or an entire package, KL Online is the perfect complement to your current education. We are cultivating a global learning community, and with more US universities requiring online courses, we are excited to be at the forefront of online education.