January 22, 2020 | KL Community

How to keep you safe from the new coronavirus

How to keep you safe from the new coronavirus

You may already know about the novel coronavirus(2019-nCoV) recently affecting persons in Wuhan and other provinces in China. The new coronavirus has resulted 441 confirmed cases, 170 suspected cases, 9 death cases and 25 of them has been cured(at the time reporter dispatched).

The new pneumonia is caused by infection with the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and its clinical criteria including fever and symptoms of lower respiratory illness (e.g., cough, difficulty breathing). Person-to-person spread is occurring, although it’s unclear how easily the virus spreads between people. This novel coronavirus has the potential to cause severe disease and death, but most patients are stable after treatment.

Now right at the time of holiday, we remind to be careful and protect yourself.


Here are some notices for you:

  • Avoid visiting hospitals. If it is necessary to visit a hospital, put on a surgical mask and observe strict personal hygiene;
  • Wash your hands frequently and properly;
  • Avoid touching animals, poultry/birds or their droppings;
  • Avoid visiting wet markets, live poultry markets or farms;
  • Avoid making close contact with patients, especially those with symptoms of acute respiratory infections;
  • Do not consume game and do not visit food premises where game meat is served;
  • Adhere to food safety and hygiene rules such as avoiding consuming raw or undercooked animal products, including milk, eggs and meat, or food which may be contaminated with animal secretions, excretions (such as urine) or contaminated products, unless they have been properly cooked, washed or peeled;
  • If feeling unwell when outside China, especially if having a fever or cough, wear a surgical mask, inform the hotel staff or tour escort and seek medical advice at once; and After returning to China, consult a doctor promptly if having a fever or other symptoms, inform the doctor of any recent travel history and any exposure to animals, and wear a surgical mask to help prevent spread of the disease.



When you return to work and have the symptoms of fever or cough, please inform the assistant dean immediately. And at the same time ask them to help arrange medical treatment and notify the company. Wear a mask to avoid infecting others, especially students. If a student has the symptoms of fever, please inform their parents and go to hospital as soon as possible.

Wishing everyone a healthy and safe holiday!