Haimen Students Take Field Trip to Shanghai
April 4, 2018 | KL Community

Experiential Learning in Shanghai

Experiential Learning in Shanghai

Sometimes it’s nice to put the books aside and head out of the classroom for some exploratory and experiential learning. Students and teachers on our Haimen campus did just that recently when they headed to Shanghai (a 2.5 hour drive) to visit the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, Rockbund Art Museum, and the Shanghai Tower. It was a full day, one that truly enhanced curriculum by increasing interest and engagement, and bringing students’ courses to life.

The students covered a lot of ground at the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, visiting the Life Hall, Animal Hall, Heaven & Earth Hall, Ancient Science Hall, Wisdom Hall, Innovation Hall, and Future Hall. Between the exhibits, the IMAX 3D and 4D films, and the interactive games, students traveled from ancient times to the future, exploring the mysteries of nature and the development of humans and science. It was clear that getting away for the day made student/teacher interaction more relaxed and dynamic, and having US exchange student Sam Guyer on the trip was definitely a highlight for Haimen students.

KL Educators at Shanghai Science & Technology Museum

Sam Guyer, US exchange student, with educators from our Haimen campus

Students at Shanghai Science & Technology Museum

Students at Shanghai Science & Technology Museum

After lunch, the group divided up with humanities students heading to the Rockbund while the environmental science classes headed to the Shanghai Tower.

The Rockbund Art Museum featured the exhibition Walking on The Fade Out Lines, a collaboration and exchange with Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, one of the most renowned contemporary art institutions in Italy. Students had their perspectives challenged as the exhibition unfolds the meaning of art by teaching students how to shift their typical way of seeing things, and learning how different viewing perspectives can bring about very different reflections.

Students observe contemporary art at Rockbund in Shanghai

Students observe contemporary art at Rockbund Art Museum in Shanghai

Students stopped frequently to admire the outstanding works from artists all over the world, taking pictures, recording notes, writing down their thoughts and opinions, and engaging in lively discussions with one another. Meanwhile, another group of students were busy taking the world’s fastest elevator up to the 118th floor of the 546-meter high Shanghai Tower.

Shanghai Tower Welcome Banner

The Huangpu River from Atop the Shanghai Tower

View of the Huangpu River from atop the Shanghai Tower observation deck

With a 360-degree view of Shanghai city, the observation deck gave students the opportunity to express their views on architecture, engineering, and design structure. Students studying physics also carried out analysis of the force on the main body of the building.

Students at top of Shanghai Tower

Learning the history of the Shanghai Tower

It was a day filled with outdoor teaching and open learning, combining both theory and practice. And with a beautiful view of Shanghai at night retreating in the distance, teachers and students headed back to Haimen to reflect on what they’d learned.

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