International engineering student holds patent
February 27, 2018 | KL Community

This Future Bioengineer Already Holds a Patent

This Future Bioengineer Already Holds a Patent

Yeqing Ni has earned quite a reputation for himself at our Ningbo School. While known for having the strongest business savvy among his science and engineering peers, he is alternately known as having the strongest science and engineering skills in business competitions. A versatile STEM student, Yeqing spent his high school years merging his love of math and science with his strong business acumen. The result? He is now a patent holder on his way to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in the fall. “I believe my wide interests and rich experiences really helped me to stand out,” he says.

We sat down with Yeqing to learn more about his success, his passions, and that patent he secured!

How has attending the Barstow Ningbo School helped you improve your English

When I arrived, my English was at a very average level and I had trouble following my teachers and maintaining my grades. Because I couldn’t understand what my teachers were saying, I couldn’t clearly answer their questions. However, they worked with me closely, encouraging me to speak out loudly, and they helped me find my confidence. I want to thank Mr. Edward for encouraging me to speak as much as possible, reminding me to take notes, and assigning me excellent English original novels after class. Over my three years of communicating with my English-speaking teachers, my own English continuously improved. Additionally, I love Marvel and insisted on watching both Marvel movies and the TV series “SHIELD”. Almost all of my pronunciation and expressions have come from those shows.

What achievement are you most proud of at the Barstow Ningbo School? How has it provided you with the opportunity to pursue your dream job of becoming an engineer?

My biggest achievement in high school was applying for, and receiving, a patent for a multi-purpose desk. It is unique in that the internal structure of the desk is more scientific than a traditional desk. Students can store more books and easily move the desk thanks to inflatable, multi-directional wheels on the bottom. In addition, I participated in a surrounding water pollution testing program at an environmental testing company in Hangzhou. This internship helped me realize that I could never work in the chemical industry because I cannot tolerate the strong smells of chemical products. Thanks to my biology teacher, Ms. Goh, and her interesting classes, I soon turned my mind towards a future in bioengineering.

How has the style of teaching differed between the Barstow Ningbo School and your former schools?

There are direct and indirect differences between traditional Chinese education and American education. Take my favorite subject math, for example. In my former traditional Chinese high school, I could only listen to the teachers tell me how to solve math problems, including what method I should use, how to solve them quickly, and how to get the highest scores on the math tests. I only followed my teachers’ steps and my learning became only focused on tests. When I got confused, teachers would tell me the answers instead of helping me to understand the process, which seriously affected my understanding of subsequent steps.

However, at the Barstow Ningbo School, I have closer more frequent interactions with my teachers, so my questions and uncertainties can be quickly addressed. This school helped me understand that the learning process should involve more understanding than remembering. I can solve a math problem in many ways by understanding the concepts and disciplines, rather than blindly following one method that I already know. Understanding the knowledge behind the question is a real learning skill that helps you solve more complex questions.

How did you develop your leadership skills during your time at Barstow Ningbo?

During my first year in high school, I took the position of vice director of the PE department in the Student Union. The second year, I became the vice president of the Student Union and the director of the PE department. During these three years, I led several basketball games and offered innovative suggestions around competition rules based on my own experiences. In the beginning, I experienced some difficulty due to the lack of communication and frequent misunderstandings. I couldn’t assign the proper work to the right people or control the balance of the team. I realized that this was not good for the team’s long-term development, so I found opportunities to enhance communication within the team, such as creating teamwork activities and providing opinions. Gradually, my team members became more cohesive and communicative. They began easily understanding one another, frequently exchanging ideas, and solving problems together quickly.

What do you think is the biggest advantage you offer to a university like RPI?

I think it is my diversity of activities. I have a strong engineering background with various related internships, as well as a patent for a multi-function desk. In addition, I held bank internships and participated in business competitions. I have always believed that academic grades and personal interests should be developed at the same time. And finding relationships between the two can help you showcase your talents and abilities.

International engineering student holds patent

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