November 7, 2017 | KL Community

Zhengzhou Digs Into Biology Experiments

Zhengzhou Digs Into Biology Experiments

Sheep eyes as teaching supplies? Only in an American Biology class! Students on our SMS Zhengzhou campus had the opportunity to take a closer look at the anatomical structure of eyes.

During a study session on anatomy, chapters on the brain and central nervous system culminated in a practical observation of the eye. While most students were relatively calm prior to class, they had no idea how their attitudes would change when faced with the task of dissecting a sheep’s eyeball! During careful analysis, layer by layer, students found their vocabularies expanding with words such as sclera, pupil, and retina, as they began to grasp the physical structure of the eye.

Biology student dissecting a sheep's eyeball

Biology student dissecting a sheep’s eyeball

Students removed muscle and fat to identify external features, and then cut into the eyeballs to expose the internal structures. From the looks on the students’ faces, it seems that the girls were a bit calmer than the boys! But they pressed on in high spirits, in search of knowledge, dissecting conscientiously, recording data carefully, and silently whispering “I am not afraid…I am not afraid.”

Biology students documenting observations while dissecting a sheep's eyeball

Biology students documenting observations while dissecting a sheep’s eyeball

Teachers praised them for their bravery, and now the students are eager to get to the chapter on the circulatory system where they will be dissecting a heart. One student commented on the appropriate timing of the class saying, “It was such a Halloween-feeling biology class, can we please have a dozen more classes like that?”

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