October 12, 2017 | KL Community

Bringing a Taste of Home to the Senior Community

Bringing a Taste of Home to the Senior Community

China’s Mid-Autumn Festival, a traditional harvest festival, is typically a time for food offerings and family reunions. But what if your family can’t be with you?

This is often the case with a growing elderly population, so students from our SMS Pinghu campus hoped to change that by bringing food, gifts, and their own talent for performing, to a local senior living home. For one afternoon, teachers and students gathered together with seniors, and became like family. After greetings, introductions, and refreshments, the first group took to the stage with a cool street dance, quite different from that of their audience’s generation, that gave everyone a taste of current music and fashion trends.

A 10th grade girls chorus joined their teacher to create one captivating and beautiful voice while our saxophone player, Jack Li, won constant applause from the audience.

Sandy He, a professional folk dancer, brought her graceful moves and traditional dress to the stage.

The afternoon ended with one final collaborative show: making their own traditional dumplings for lunch! Eating together, sharing news, and listening to one another’s stories created true harmony and community that day.

While happy hours spent always seem to end fast, our story of community support does not. Stay tuned for more stories of KL School campus community service outings and extracurricular activities aimed at encouraging students to follow their passions and foster their true identities.

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