May 26, 2017 | News & Updates

Popular Chinese Children’s Show Chooses KLIS Campus to Film

Popular Chinese Children’s Show Chooses KLIS Campus to Film

During the May Labor Day holiday, the crew of Legend of Talents and ten young Chinese actors and actresses between the ages of 7 and 8 arrived at KL International School (KLIS) in Chongqing to film season three of their popular children’s sitcom.

Frank Zhou, Director of KL’s Chinese Program and Kate Hummel, KLIS Academic Principal, joined crew members in April for an official signing ceremony. Covered by such media outlets as Chongqing Evening News, Chongqing News, and Upstream News, the contract signing was an opportunity to meet the crew and discuss plans for the film shoot.

Legend of Talents tells the story of a class of ten young students, each with unique talents. While some excel in mathematics or literature, others are gifted in languages, and the show focuses on the sparks that fly from such intelligent competition. While the first two seasons of the show filmed in Xi’an, the show’s producers selected Chongqing for season three based on KLIS’ “beautiful campus and impeccable facilities such as its classroom seating arrangements and authentic school environment.”

Ms. Hummel shared with the cast and crew that KLIS has always cared about children’s academic and personal growth. Like the sitcom’s storyline, KLIS focuses on individualized education, and helping students identify and explore their unique potential. “It is my hope,” says Ms. Hummel, “that this sitcom will be a pathway for more people to care about education and to discover every child’s specialties through more individualized instruction.”

Chosen from over 500 candidates, the ten young actors and actresses gave such wonderful and warm performances, even improvising to infuse more humor into the script. Legend of Talents will be broadcast on Chongqing Sports and Entertainment Channel.

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