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Roberto Moreno
Roberto Moreno
Academic Dean

Roberto Moreno is the Campus Dean and English teacher for the Oak Hill – Shenzhen Campus. He has been with the company for 3 years going on his 4th year. Like many of the students we teach, English is Moreno’s second language. This makes him very sympathetic and a good candidate to teach students going through the same issues he encountered as a pupil. He attributes his desire for teaching to two things: First, a passionate high school teacher. Secondly, a need for teachers who wanted to make a difference in their communities. As a journalist for 10 years, he studied English extensively. He continued his heart by teaching ESL and Spanish at Miami Dade College, and spearheaded community outreach programs. His hard work earned him a Civic Engagement Award from Miami Dade College for his outreach leadership. As time progressed, his involvement in teaching English, ESL, and a federal migrant GED program became his focus. At the same time, he taught at a yearly summer journalism workshop at the University of Miami. He is passionate about reaching out to individual students and teaching them in a fun, honest, and progressive environment. On his time off he enjoys reading, traveling, photography, and playing table tennis and basketball with his students.