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John Eisenbarth
Academic Dean

Mr. John Eisenbarth has been an educator for over 15 years.  John started his teaching career in Charleston, South Carolina where he taught high school American and World History.  He then made the jump to international education and has been teaching abroad ever since.  In addition to China, John has taught and enjoyed living in South Korea, Thailand, Kuwait, and Turkey.  Mr. Eisenbarth has been everything from a second grade homeroom teacher to an American Literature lecturer at the university level.  He believes that being well versed in many areas creates a better person as a whole.  This is something he strives to instill in his students.  Mr. Eisenbarth is a strong advocate of cross curriculum education and incorporating the arts as much as possible into the student’s learning.  By doing so, he believes students will gain a better understanding of the subject material being delivered because they will actively participate in the lesson on all levels of learning.

John holds Master’s Degree in History and Teaching from The Citadel-The Military College of South Carolina and a TEFL license from The TEFL Institute of Chicago.