Our multinational, multilingual staff has lived and worked across Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. Highly experienced both in global education and global business, their singular focus is on enabling learners, educators, and school leaders to meet their personal and professional goals.

Academic Dean

Brett Allen Hueffmeier, J.D. currently serves as the Dean of the St. Mary’s campuses in Shanghai and Guiyang, China. He also heads a company wide teaching mentorship and continuing educator training program for KnowledgeLink called KnowledgeU. Before joining KL in 2019, Mr. Hueffmeier was International Director at a large private school in Wuhan for two years. There, he grew the international faculty from one with 21 foreign professionals to one with over 40 educators from around the world and established a comprehensive international curriculum. Prior to joining that program, Mr. Hueffmeier served as an assistant dean of international programs at Rutgers University, Newark. In that position, among his other responsibilities he was in charge of growing one of its major cooperative programs in China which today has more than 1000 students in undergraduate and graduate programs. Mr. Hueffmeier also served as a professor of business ethics and business law for Rutgers University and has taught several courses as an adjunct professor at other institutions as well. He is an attorney in the United States, and prior to turning his career to academia he practiced law in various areas, including family law, trusts and probate, and corporate litigation. Brett graduated with dual degrees in Economics and Political Science from Washington University in Saint Louis in 2005. He received his Doctor of Jurisprudence from Saint Louis University School of Law in 2010.